Never annoy again: serenity wins!

In all honesty: Anyone of us knows these situations that let your blood pressure raise. Instead of dealing with them smart, we get determinated by the negative pressure of trouble. Nevertheless we know that we are having no chance to work against them.

The key is to convert the energy of anger into conscious action. Easier said than done: It’s hard to think of constructive actions with a high blood pressure.

Here is the good news: There are solutions. What drives you crazy, might have no influence of the coolness of other people. You want to join the club of coolness? Christian Bremer will show you how.

  • Know your enemies: How you identify and obviate the main triggers of annoyance.
  • Precaution is better than aftercare: How annoyance plays no great role in your life
  • Keep cool: How to control yourself even in the worst situations
  • Calming down: How to beat your anger with your own weapons.

Strength instead of stress: How to convert your anger into positive energy.

Speak out: How to speak out what disturbs you.
Seeing the positive: How to use your anger as motivation.
Use your chance: Change your perspective and turn anger into motivation!

Duration of the lecture:
60-120 minutes by arrangement

That goes smoothly, because he has the right mix of expertise, rhetoric and credibility. You can find a live impression of his way as a speaker here:

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